Company Overview

Southampton Office

Global Leadership in Radiation, Detection and Identification

Symetrica is a global leader in radiation detection and identification, providing real world solutions for real world challenges. The range of detectors, from handheld devices to mobile solutions and portal monitors, serve customs and border protection, law enforcement and military, emergency services and first responders. Users benefit from the most operationally effective multi-layered radiation detection and identification systems.

Symetrica’s unique Discovery Technology® architecture and range of 3He free neutron detectors set new performance boundaries with best in class accuracy, low lifecycle costs, continuous stabilisation and calibration providing real time health monitoring and eliminating scheduled maintenance. Discovery Technology® is employed across Symetrica’s product range, in the Smiths Detection RadSeeker™, and in a range of other OEM’s products.


Symetrica Vision

To increase the operational effectiveness of key security teams through the provision of smarter radiation detection and identification technologies.

Whether you are routinely scanning containerized cargo at a port or a First Responder in a high-pressure, multi-threat situation, Symetrica’s Discovery Technology® enables you to make smarter decisions.

With over 1000 Discovery Technology enhanced systems deployed globally, from handheld Radioisotope Identifiers (RIDs) to radiation portal monitors (RPM), Symetrica supplies the most operationally relevant, gamma and neutron detection, classification and proven isotope verification systems.

Symetrica’s ground breaking capability is illustrated by the fact that its OEM Discovery Technology sub-system in the Smiths Detection RadSeeker has been sole source selected by the U.S Department of Homeland Security for detection and identification technology in secondary operations for US Customs and Border Protection agency. Find out more about Discovery Technology in the Smiths Detection RadSeeker here.

The Board

David Price CBE


Heddwyn Davies

Chief Executive Officer

Dr David Ramsden

Scientific Advisor

Mark Prater

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Hook

Director (NESTA)

Peter Davies

Director (Technology Venture Partners)

Ian Dale-Staples


Neil Cameron

Director (Parkwalk Advisors)

Dr Brian Lever

Company Secretary

The Investors

Symetrica is a private company backed by several investors. Having successfully commercialized disruptive technologies the Symetrica group generates revenues through direct sales and an indirect channel that takes advantage of the capabilities of leading international corporations.

Symetrica has received investments from Nesta, Technology Venture Partners, Tennants ventures, Palkwalk Advisors and others.

Albion Ventures was established to generate long term investment returns for shareholders through making venture capital investments in smaller companies.


Parkwalk is a London-based independent investment management firm with a portfolio focused on companies spun out from the UK's leading universities and other research-intensive institutions to develop and commercialise relevant new technology.


Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life.


Technology Venture Partners is a newly formed independent capital fund manager with a focus on early stage UK technology investment.


Tenants Ventures is a London based fund specialising in technology investment.