NNS:FP Backpack

Flat Panel Backpack Neutron Detection (3He free)

The NNS-FP is used in market leading backpack systems and is a versatile neutron blade module for mobile detection systems. Symetrica 6LiZnS(Ag) He3 free flat panel neutron blade technology was developed exclusively for Homeland Security. The detector operates by capturing thermal neutrons through the 6Li (n,a) reaction.  This produces intense scintillation pulses that are read out by a proprietary combination of bulk wavelength shifting waveguide, solid state photo multiplier and on-board, low power electronics.  A proprietary neutron discrimination algorithm is then used to detect neutrons and produce digital TTL pulses in operationally relevant gamma exposure fields over the extended temperature range specified by the American National Standard Performance Criteria for detection equipment used for Homeland Security.


The NNS:FP delivers


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