Discovery Technology® Case Study: RadSeeker


Discovery Technology at the core of the RadSeeker

In the RadSeeker, the Smiths Detection product that uses our OEM Discovery Technology Sub-System, we have delivered; headline isotope ID performance, ease of use, built in calibration, real time diagnostics and a reduced maintenance cost in over 800 systems as part of a successful DHS sole source acquisition program.

Discovery Technology® enhances the resolution of the spectrum collected by optimized crystal spectrometers through a patented de-convolution process. In addition to this improvement, a new, proprietary real time stabilization system that calibrates the complete detection chain is applied. These innovations combine to maintain high resolution peak positions over time in varying backgrounds. The creation of these ultra-stable, improved resolution spectra enable the application of a new class of isotope identification algorithm in instruments previously considered as low resolution and more suitable for multiple-template and library spectra matching.

Algorithms in Discovery Technology® then utilize the stabilized peaks and expected peak ratios in our identification algorithms to determine and characterize the threat. Notably, this results in the improved identification of threat materials in shielded, masked or concealed situations outside controlled test environments. This provides two critical benefits to operators; an improved identification performance and a reduction in the number of alarms that require referral for resolution.

Best-in-class ID

The RadSeeker has been designed from the ground-up for the mission of secondary screening, small-area search, and rapid mobile identification. From the outset, design process involved stakeholders from a wide variety of end user organizations who know and understand the environments and unique challenges of field use. This has led to its success being recognized at the highest levels as shown in an extract from written testimony of DNDO Director Huban Gowadia for a House Committee on Homeland Security:-

“Based on the enhanced detection material lanthanum bromide and improved algorithms, this new handheld technology is easy-to-use, lightweight, and more reliable and, because it contains built-in calibration and diagnostics, has a much lower annual maintenance cost. An example of a successful acquisition program, the new system is receiving very positive reviews from operators in the field.”

[Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies hearing titled “Emerging Threats and Technologies to Protect the Homeland” February 12, 2015]

RadSeeker success is based on Symetrica’s OEM solution that delivers a combination of unique spectrum processing, advanced isotope identification algorithms, enhanced detection systems (Lanthanum Bromide – RadSeeker CL and sodium iodide RadSeeker CS), patented stabilization, real time health monitoring and system design expertise. More information on the RadSeeker can be found here.