Exercising VeriFinder

The Verifinder was put through its paces days before commercial launch on exercise as part of the EDEN FP-7 Security Demonstration Project. The exercise saw the Verifinder being used for First Response against unknown devices that contained radioactive material and on the lead up to bomb disposal.

VeriFinder on Exercise

VeriFinder on Exercise

Three field exercises took place across two days in the training area of the Polish Fire Service (SGSP) at Rzeszow in south eastern Poland. During the exercise Polish personnel used the Verifinder in close to real-life situations.

Following operations, users commented on the tools they had used. For the Verifinder the feedback was very positive
and focussed on its ease of use, light weight, quick start up time and ID accuracy against single and multi-targets.

More information on the exercise can be found here.