Security & Policing 2017

Last week Symetrica exhibited at Security and Policing 2017 in Farnborough, UK. Security & Policing provides a platform for professionals from the UK and across the world to engage with the very highest level of security expertise and the latest technology. It provides the level of industry engagement needed to enable UK Government to procure and deliver its national security priorities.

Symetrica jointly gave demonstrations with Ross Robotics; Symetrica’s VeriFinder, a handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier (RIID) was attached to Ross Robotics unmanned ground vehicle’s (UGV) new mechanical arm. It was then later mounted directly on the chassis of the UGV.

We demonstrated that the VeriFinder can be used in a variety of scenarios. Its unique wireless communications and reachback software allows remote command and control of the unit. This enables the VeriFinder to be deployed on unmanned vehicles (air/ground) as well as for its more standard use as a handheld RIID making it a truely multi-purpose instrument.