Symetrica Presents Remote Monitoring at PMN Forum

Symetrica participated in the Port Management Network (PMN) Forum at Long Beach, CA, USA from 8-10 November 2016. The PMN Forum is a special event designed to facilitate the evolution of the North American supply chain. For over a decade, PMN’s conferences have displayed the latest in supply chain technology, best practices in operations, security and human capital management, and have mapped the way to more competitive and resilient organizations.

Symetrica exhibited as well as presented during the forum’s panel on radiation and nuclear detection in seaports to highlight progressive business solutions that mitigate operation, maintenance, and training burdens. Specifically, Symetrica shared its remote monitoring capability, which provides virtual oversight, real-time control, status of health monitoring, as well as GPS location mapping for all of its products that incorporate smart communications features (GPS, 3G, wireless, and Bluetooth) alongside the superior detection and identification capabilities of Symetrica Discovery Technology®. Such technology solutions can provide seaport operators with a competitive edge by providing the most effective and efficient radiation scanning operations.