Symetrica Ships Portal Systems to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds

Symetrica recently delivered Sodium Iodide (NaI) portals providing highly accurate isotope identification to locations that need installations to withstand hurricane and typhoon force winds in hot and humid climates. Symetrica designed the solution, from stanchions to detectors, and utilized local support to install and commission the portals.

Symetrica’s solutions are based on high performance modular systems that provide design flexibility while meeting detection requirements to address Customer-specific situations. With state-of-the-art real time calibration, the required gamma detection sensitivity can be provided by adding modules without degrading identification performance, and Symetrica’s neutron detectors are 3He-free, using our proprietary Neutron Blade Technology.

For the recent deliveries, Symetrica succeeded in meeting the challenging technical requirements and providing a very cost effective end-to-end solution that considered all start-up, operational, and life-time maintenance costs. With real time system health data, calibration, and sensitivity monitoring these systems are ideal for remote deployment and centralized command and control.

Symetrica’s Discovery Technology® portal systems have a proven track record of providing unsurpassed isotope identification, NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) management, and threat isotope verification. The delivered systems can be used to screen cars, trucks, and containerized cargo in combination with other non-invasive inspection technologies while meeting and exceeding the ANSI N42.38 radiological detection and identification specification.

You can read more about Symetrica’s crystal Discovery sRPM Radiation Portal Monitor and our plastic Discovery RPM Radiation Portal Monitor on our website.