Symetrica’s PVT portals in the news at WCO Forum

Symetrica’s ground-breaking performance improvements to PVT portals generated significant interest following announcement at the WCO (World Customs Organisation) Technology and Innovation Forum in Rotterdam. Symetrica’s latest radiation detection technology significantly reduces nuisance alarms at ports of entry. The patented solution combines enhanced PVT (polyvinyl-toluene) detectors with advanced spectrum processing techniques to improve performance of large-volume RPMs (Radiation Portal Monitors).

Symetrica's PVT Portals

Symetrica’s PVT Portals

Click here to read the article in the Maritime Journal about how deployment of Symetrica’s PVT RPMs at primary screening reduces nuisance alarms by 84%.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr.Geraint Dermody, Symetrica’s Director of Business Development, said: “Our new technology addresses the challenge of reliably differentiating between NORM and threat sources using low-cost detector materials. As a result it is now possible to construct portal-scale detectors that can resolve lines in an HEU source, identify many bare radio isotopes, reliably classify containerised NORM and differentiate between these and threat materials. And as the field tests at Antwerp demonstrate, this means large-volume PVT RPMs that significantly decrease the number of nuisance alarms and, therefore, reduce disruption to the flow of commerce at ports of entry.”