UK Business Secretary Announces Symetrica SmartScan

The UK Business Secretary Vince Cable announces funding for Symetrica’s SmartScan (£954,741) as part of a wider series of investments each tackling different innovation challenges across UK industry. SmartScan delivers new ‘detector’ technologies allowing more affordable and sustainable analysis of nuclear waste materials, avoiding the use of He-3 produced only as a by-product of nuclear warhead maintenance. The project brings together Symetrica, an SME in the Homeland Security Market, with Canberra UK, a leader in the Civil Nuclear Industry.

Following the successful benchmark of our 6LiZnS neutron detector blades at the recent workshop on He-3 Alternatives for International Safeguards at the EU Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Symetrica is pleased to announce Innovate UK, the new name for the Technology Strategy Board, grant funding will take our technology to the next level for the civil nuclear market in a collaboration with Canberra UK. Innovate UK funding will enable us to deliver further advances to both our He-3 free neutron detector technology and our de-convolution enhanced gamma ray spectroscopy solutions on range of spectrometers.

The press release for this news item can be found here.