VeriFinder Integrated onto a UGV for EDEN Demonstration

The CBRNE Innovation Fair was held in the SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre on the 11th to 12th October 2016. It was a global exhibition of End-User driven solutions for CBRNe which brought together decision-makers from government, operational units, industry, science and research in CBRNe and crisis management. The industry’s top performing companies and end-user organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises, suppliers and research institutes all presented their products and innovations.

A special focus was on EDEN Store and all tools developed by EDEN FP7 CBRN Demonstration Project. During the fair, EDEN presented their results and achievements obtained during the last year of work in terms of technology, procedures and methods for the management of CBRN accidents.

The EDEN demonstration included Symetrica alongside Ross Robotics (Robosynthesis) demonstrating their capability of autonomous radiation detection. Symetrica’s VeriFinder, a handheld radioactive isotope identifier (RIID), was successfully integrated onto an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). This form of integration enables operators to have a single piece of kit for both their use and to attach to a UGV when the environment becomes too hazardous to enter, saving cost and reducing duplication of equipment.













More about the EDEN Demonstration Project

The EDEN Demonstration project, funded by the European Commission 7thFramework Research Programme on Secure Societies with the primary objective to provide solutions to improve CBRNe resilience and allow enhanced interoperability and effectiveness between CBRNe operators and ensuring the resilience capacity of the EU society will have its Final Conference on 11th October 2016 during the CBRNe Innovation Fair 2016!

All demonstration efforts have been aimed at both integrating and coordinating existing EU capacities and competences. A key project aim is to achieve the development of a “multi-facetted system of systems approach” that will provide an EU-tailored solution able to improve CBRNe-equipment resilience and allow enhanced interoperability between CBRNe operators – the EDEN Store!

The EDEN project leverages the added-value of tools and systems from previous research and development efforts, bringing other innovative solutions to improve CBRNe resilience through their adaptation and integration. It aims also at developing CBRNe research activities in the EU, linking end-users, scientists and industrial experts.

Find out more about the EDEN Demonstration Project on their website.