Verifinder launched at CTX

Symetrica is pleased to announce the launch of the Verifinder at the Counter Terror Expo in London. The Verifinder supports high-pressure, multi-threat situation management and routine radiation screening applications. The system enables users to make smarter decisions by providing higher confidence results. The Verifinder reduces false positives and more importantly false negatives through the use of Discovery Technology®.


VeriFinder Launch at CTX

“The Verifinder uses the technology of choice of US CBP (Customs and Border Protection agency) for secondary operations and adds enhanced connectivity to provide unmatched real-time threat verification” said Dr. Geraint Dermody, Symetrica’s Director of Business Development. “In the Verifinder we have the most capable crystal RID (Radioisotope Identification device) on the market in an incredible 1.4kg.”

The press release for this news item can be found here.